I pull myself off

Sometimes I have days when I miss having no girlfriend. Especially in the summer days when the ladies wear short skirts or with tight leather pants. Then I no longer hold it and my penis immediately becomes hard. Every time I see a nice lady I don’t like it anymore. When I walk in the city I come across beautiful ladies everywhere in short leather pants and tight asses.

Everywhere I go I see a beautiful lady walking. Recently I was walking in the city and out of nowhere a beautiful black lady in tight leather pants with a tight top walked out of the store. Immediately followed and followed her. Every time they took a step, the tight leather ass moved. It looked so hot. I wanted to touch it and squeeze the tight leather ass with my hand.

After walking behind her for a few minutes I thought “I’m going to film it”. And grabbed my cell phone and started to film the beautiful lady’s tight leather ass. The butt kept going back and forth and looked very horny.

Suddenly she stops at a ATM I thought what am I going to do. Am I going to walk on or stand behind her? I got behind her and continued to film. The butt looked so good. Suddenly she turned around and I quickly put the phone away.

Would she have seen it?

I pull myself off

She quickly looked back at the ATM. Luckily she didn’t notice. Immediately afterwards I also walked away to home. When I got back to my room at home I watched the video again and I jerked off to it. After I finished I thought I would put the video online and I would also attract viewers.

Then I uploaded the video to adult porn video sites and started waiting for views. Do you want to see the video? click here Adult porn videos.

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